The most effective existing tool for migrating off of Microsoft Office 365 is the Google Apps Migration for Microsoft Exchange (GAMME)  In order for you to be able to migrate off of Microsoft Office 365 using the GAMME tool you will need to obtain the information listed below:

  1. Obtain Outlook Web Access (OWA) login credentials
  2. Once you establish that you have OWA access, you next need to find out what the server name is to connect devices (which is normally stored within OWA options accessed via the browser).
  3. Once the server name has been determined, the next step is to configure GAMME with this information and use the IMAP option to migrate data
  4. The tool will begin to download data off the Microsoft Office 365 server onto the client machine
  5. Upload this data (MIME format) up to the Google server.
  6. Using GAMME for this function also allows you to migrate multiple users at once as long as all users have OWA access.

This only covers email migration. Contacts and calendars will need to be done separately using a different method, utilizing the a local version of Outlook.
  1. First, you need to find out if the user account has ‘auto discovery’ turned on. If so we will not need any server information to configure Outlook to connect to the 365 account. All we will need is log in credentials if auto discovery is turned on, we will be able to connect automatically. If not then you will need to use the server information to configure Outlook.
  2. Once Outlook is configured, you can start to download the contact and calendar folders into the profile you just set up. This normally takes minutes depending on the amount of data in these folders. You do not need to wait for Outlook to download all folders since it first syncs contacts and calendars.
  3. Once folders are downloaded locally, you can migrate the data using either GAMME (if you wish to do a batch migration by exporting data into PST files) or you can use Google Apps Migration for Outlook (GAMMO) and migrate 1 user account at a time. You can also migrate via CSV file by exporting the data from Outlook for calendar and contact and then manually import directly to the users Google Apps account.