Go to FlyNumber and log into your account there.


Click on My FlyNumber(s) to open the My Orders dashboard.

Click on the Details button to open the Order Details screen.

Click on the Change Forwarding button to open the Forwarding Details screen and enter the following settings:

  • Select VoIP
  • Protocol is SIP
  • Host: enter the SIP host for the account: talkdesk-[account_name].sip.twilio.com where [account_name] is the name of your TalkDesk account. For example if the URL of your TalkDesk account is http://smartcloud.mytalkdesk.com then you would enter talkdesk-smartcloud.sip.twilio.com as the SIP Host.
  • Username / Ext: Enter your phone number (including your international dialing code) preceded by "+". So for the Irish (353) number 01 960 9057 you would enter it as +35319609057 as per the screenshot below; 

Click Update to save the changes you have just made.

Once you have entered your forwarding details, email support@talkdesk.com and let them know so that they can adjust the configurations at their side and add the number to your account.