With FlyNumber you can purchase local phone numbers from all over the world, giving you the ability to make and receive calls with any device.

For example, if you are an Irish based company, you might want to purchase a UK or USA number to provide a local number for customers to call in those countries.

You can also use these numbers to place calls in those countries, meaning you are only being charged for a local call, rather than an international one.

Your FlyNumber(s) can then be integrated with your cloud based TalkDesk phone system to provide advanced call handling and management. Multiple local numbers can be integrated with TalkDesk giving you the ability to manage all of your global calls through one cloud based switchboard.

Creating a FlyNumber account to be integrated with TalkDesk

  1. Go to and click on Sign Up.
  2. Select the Country and City which you want the number for - for example Ireland and Dublin, United Kingdom and London or United States and New York depending on your own requirements.
  3. Choose VoIP as the destination which the calls should be sent to.
  4. Host: enter the SIP host for the account: talkdesk-[account_name] where [account_name] is the name of your TalkDesk account. For example if the URL of your TalkDesk account is then you would enter as the SIP Host.
  5. Username / Ext: Enter your phone number (including your international dialing code) preceded by "+". So for the Irish (353) number 01 960 9057 you would enter it as +35319609057 as per the screenshot below; 

As part of the account set up process you will be asked to prove your identity and address, so you should scan a copy of your drivers license/passport and a utility bill and have this file ready to upload to FlyNumber as part of the set up process.

It can take a couple of days for your FlyNumber to be confirmed and you will receive a confirmation email from FlyNumber with the details of your account.

Once your account has been confirmed, send an email to with the user name and password for your FlyNumber account and request them to make the configurations necessary on their side to add your new number(s) to your TalkDesk account.

Should you need to contact FlyNumber technical support for any reason, their contact details are;

Phone: +1 (718)-819-1072