So you’ve decided to record your own phone greetings, now what? Recording the best phone greetings is simple when you are armed with the right information, practice the right techniques and develop a rock-solid plan.

Below are 7 steps to help you with this process.


Before you start recording, you should first put some time and effort into deciding what you would like to include in the recording. Think about other recordings that you have heard that were memorable, call your competitors to see how they do it and look online to see what’s out there. This will give you fuel for the next steps.


Once you have thought of a few ideas take some time to make a list of each greeting, key points that you want to hit for each recording and language that you would like to use. Writing bullet points will help to ensure that your recordings are concise, but also include all pertinent information.


Before you record a greeting, you must write out a script (word for word). If you “wing it”, you might miss important information that can leave your callers confused and frustrated. Your script should be conversational in nature, concise and include short sentences. Avoid using big words, jargon or any language that may confuse your callers.


Practice reading the script out loud. Make sure your voice sounds friendly and relaxed. Make sure your pace is slow enough that callers can understand what you are saying and quick enough that they are not bored. Make sure you enunciate important words very clearly and that there is no doubt what you are saying. You may also want to practice in front of a trusted friend to receive honest feedback.


When you have sufficiently practiced your polished script, it’s time to record. Here are a few tips that will make your recording process a breeze:

  • Make sure your computer is optimized for recording and that you are using good software. 
  • You could try using a service like Online Voice Recorder, a free simple application which records sound from the microphone on your computer. After recording you can trim the sound and save it to your computer.
  • If the recording comes out low quality, you may want to consider investing in more high quality software.
  • Find a sound-proof room that is distraction free. You may also want to let other people know that you are recording and not to interrupt you. 
  • Read the script in a calm and professional voice. If you are nervous, it will show. Take some time to relax and do a few more dry runs. 
  • Insert your own personality into the recording. Callers want to feel a personal connection, not think they are talking with a robot. 
  • Try to make it a fun experience. When you sound like you’re enjoying yourself and are enthusiastic (but not over the top) your message will be much more enjoyable to listen to. 
  • When callers know exactly who they want to reach, allow them to bypass all recordings by dialing a direct extension. This will increase efficiency and professionalism. 
  • Smile. When you smile while you’re talking, it sounds more pleasant. 
  • Find the right pace: slow enough that it is clear and fast enough that you are not dull or boring. 
  • If things just don’t seem right after a few tries, you may want to consider hiring a company like VoiceBunny to record the greetings for you. 


Listen to your recording multiple times to make sure it is clear. You should also ask a few people to listen to the recordings and go through the entire IVR process and call each voicemail to make sure everything is clear and easy to understand. If things aren’t clear, there is any doubt, the volume isn’t loud enough (or too loud), re-record.


Just because you nailed it, doesn’t mean you are done recording for good. Make sure you keep things fresh by having new recordings, recordings that are in line with the seasons and are up to date with new product updates.

Making sure your phone greetings are both professional and effective can be a difficult task if you don’t know where to start. These 7 steps should help you get well on your way to recording the best phone recordings. You’ll sound like a pro and your company will have the professional image you always wanted.


Your greetings have a large impact on the customer experience and how customers view your company. Why not make the IVR and holding process seamless, informative and professional by following the steps, tips and bits of wisdom contained within the e-book below. Your customers will thank you for it!