If you frequently use Outlook and have at least one Google account, the need to synchronize your Outlook and Gmail contacts and calendars becomes evident quite soon.


Outlook4Gmail is a plug-in for Outlook, which supports synchronization of contacts and calendars from Outlook to Google and then with any Android devices.

                                                                      Download Outlook4Gmail here.

The main features of this product are:

  • Outlook4Gmail provides a convenient and easy way of syncing Outlook and Google contacts with maximum details: Name, Company, Phones, Emails, Addresses, Dates, Persons, Notes, Contact Picture, Categories and Google Groups, etc. Users can sync or update either the Outlook or the Gmail address book (one-way synchronization) or choose to update both accounts simultaneously (two-way synchronization).
  • Outlook4Gmail provides various ways of syncing Calendars. Users are able to synchronize Calendars from multiple Google accounts with Outlook, export an Outlook calendar to Google, sync existing calendars, etc.
  • Outlook4Gmail supports synchronization of multiple Google accounts. Users can define and synchronize a set of address books in real-time. When they select two-way synchronization, the data will be read in two iterations and contacts will be synchronized in all address books – both for Outlook and Gmail accounts.
  • Outlook4Gmail is a great app for Android users. They can easily use this program in order to sync all their contacts and appointments with Android devices. Firstly, users have to sync Outlook contacts and appointments with Google and after that they will be able to get actual events on their devices using common Android sync settings and Google services.

Outlook4Gmail main screen

Calendar Sync

Calendar Sync

Another option which appears to be a good replacement for the old Google sync tool for Outlook users is Calendar Sync from PPPIndia. It’s a free app that is very easy to use and does exactly what you want. Enter your Google username and password and click Save Settings. Click Sign in to Google at the bottom to authorise it. Now you can select the Google calendar to sync, if there is more than one, and whether Google or Outlook is the master calendar. A two-way sync by last modified date is possible and you can choose to delete duplicates in Outlook or Google. The Auto Sync tab enables you to sync automatically, but don’t sync too often because Google imposes limits.

Please Note: Outlook4Gmail and Calendar Sync are third party products and you use either at your own risk without any express or implied warranty or condition of any kind from SmartCloud.