Purchasing a domain name through Google has many benefits; including the option to auto-renew your domain annually, free access to other Google Apps, and the option to keep your contact information private from users who want to learn more about you as the domain owner. Google itself does not currently host domain names, but has partnered with multiple domain registrars to give you the ability to buy a domain through Google. Read through the steps outlined in this article to learn more about the process for purchasing a domain name through Google Apps.

1. Go to the "Google Apps Documentation & Support" website.

2. Click directly on the link provided in step 1 of the "Google Support" landing page. The link will redirect you to the Google Apps for Business home page.

3. Click on one of the buttons labeled "Start Free Trial." One button is located in the upper-right corner, and the other is located in the middle of the landing page on the far left.

4. Click on the button labeled "Find domain" on the far right side of the landing page. The page will refresh and give you the option to enter a name for the domain you want to purchase.

5. Enter the domain name you want to purchase into the blank field provided.

6. Select the appropriate domain type from the drop-down menu to the right of the domain field. Examples of domain types you can choose from are ".com," ".net," ".org," ".info," and many more.

7. Click on the "Check Availability" button after entering your domain name and selecting the domain type. Google will verify whether or not the domain you specified is available to purchase.

  • If the domain name and domain type are not available for purchase, try changing the domain name, the domain type, or both, and check again for availability. If the domain is available, you will be prompted to enter new Google Apps account information.

8. Enter a new username and password below the section labeled "Create your new Google Apps login." The username and password you enter will be used to manage your domain and Google Apps account after purchasing your domain.

9. Provide Google with information about your organization below the section entitled "About your organization." You will be prompted to enter your contact information, and to specify the size of your organization.

10. Click on the button that reads "I accept, Create my account" to proceed to the domain checkout screen.

11. Select your country and currency type from the drop-down menus displayed, then select "Continue."

12. Indicate your domain registration preferences. You will have the option to automatically renew your domain annually, keep your domain registration and contact information private from other Internet users, and choose a third-party domain registrar partnered with Google.

13. Click on "Continue." You will be taken to a new landing page that outlines the terms and conditions of your domain registration with Google Apps.

14. Read and review all terms and conditions, then select "Accept and continue." You will be directed to a page that outlines your billing information.

15. Verify that your billing information is correct, then click on "Continue."

16. Choose your payment type and enter your payment information into the fields provided. You will have the option to pay with a bank account, or a credit card.

17. Click on "Submit and activate my account" after you have entered your payment information. Google Apps will then send you an email confirmation that provides you with details about your new domain, as well as information about how to access and manage your new domain.


  • Purchasing your domain through Google will not guarantee that your domain will rank high in Google search results. Google has only partnered with third-party domain registrars to enhance your experience with Google Apps.
  • All domain sales through Google are final. After you have paid for and purchased your domain through Google, you will not have the ability to seek a refund or reverse the sale.
  • For more information see this Google article.