Step 1


Retrieve SIP credentials for Agent:

Step 2


Install the free 3CXPhone - VoIP/SIP Softphone app at:


When you open the app, it will ask you to setup a profile. Click "Create Profile"

And then enter the information using your Agent's SIP Credentials obtained in the previous step where:

    • Both fields User and ID should be the User ID from the SIP credentials (the part before the @ from the SIP Endpoint credentials
    • The Password should be Password from the SIP credentials.
    • Local PBX IP and External PBX IP should be (which is the part after the @ from the SIP Endpoint credentials)

The rest of the settings you should leave them as is. Then just click "Done"


It should then register your SIP credentials and become "On Hook" meaning you're ready to make & receive phone calls.