This is an overview of the Outlook App for Nimble. For information on connecting your Outlook or Office 365 email account to Nimble, please visit the following link: IMAP Email Setup 

Note: For Teams, your Exchange Account Administrator will need to allow the installation of the Nimble Contacts Widget for Outlook in their admin settings. 

To use the Nimble Contacts Widget, you must have Office 365. 

The app only works with these version of Outlook: 


  • Outlook 2013
  • Outlook Web App


What Does the Nimble Contacts Widget for Outlook and Office 365 Do?

  • See contact Name, Title, Bio, Description, and more
  • See the Last Contacted date (by you or your team)
  • Mark a contact as Important
  • Set Stay in Touch Reminders
  • Monitor and post to social streams like Twitter, Facebook, Google+
  • See all contact history (including messages on social channels)
  • Manage Deals, Activities, Tasks, Notes, and Reminders -- and create new ones
  • Import contacts Into Nimble
  • Edit and save a contact’s information


Outlook Web App Setup

1. Go to the following link to add Nimble to your Outlook Web App: Nimble App for Outlook

2. Select "Add" to install Nimble to your Office 365 account. 


3. Verify App Installation by selecting "Yes". 

4. Once installed, open an email in the Outlook Web App and select "Nimble App for Outlook" to authorize into Nimble. 

5. Authorize into your Nimble account by signing in with your account username and password.

6. That's it! Now, you can see your contacts' Nimble profile, or add them to Nimble while viewing them in the Outlook Web App. 

Outlook 2013 Setup


Visit the Microsoft App Marketplace to Add Nimble to your Apps: Nimble App for Outlook 

1. In Outlook 2013, go to File >> Manage Apps to bring up the currently installed apps in Outlook 2013. 

2. Verify that the Nimble App for Outlook is installed. If not, select the "+" icon to visit the Microsoft App Marketplace. 

3. Once you have added Nimble to Office, you will need to authorize your Nimble account from an email thread in Outlook. Select "Nimble App for Outlook" while in an email thread to authorize your account.

4. Once you are authorized, you will see Nimble contact information on an email thread, and have the ability to add a contact to Nimble. 

If you have any questions, please email us at, and we will be happy to help!