The Nimble email signature editor views signatures in HTML and then displays the HTML in your signature in Nimble.

You will need to use an HTML hyperlink reference to add hyperlinks or your company logo to your signature. 

For example, the HTML hyperlink text is as follows:

<a href=""></a>

To code in line-breaks, you will need to use the HTML line break symbol, denoted by <br/>

For adding a photo, you would need to upload the photo to an image host and then code in the image using HTML.

Here are some resources that will be helpful, provided by the W3Schools:

HTML Links - W3Schools

HTML Images - W3Schools

HTML Formatting - W3Schools

To see how your signature will appear, use this free live editor:

Here are some free image hosts:

Once you have your code ready to go, add it to Nimble:

1. Go to Settings >> Email Signature and paste in your HTML signature code. 

2. Select Save Signature

3. Your signature will appear in its correct form when you open a new email draft.