This is an overview of how to setup the MailChimp integration in Nimble. 

1. Set up your MailChimp account with Nimble (If you do not have a MailChimp account, sign up for free! )

     a. In Nimble, go to Settings >> Integrations

     b. Choose MailChimp and click on Enable

     c. Enter your MailChimp API key Where do I Find the MailChimp API Key?

     d. Once you have pasted the API key, click Enable

2. Create your mailing list in Nimble

      a. Group the contacts you want to email in Nimble with a tag (what are tags?)

3. Export this group to your list in MailChimp

      a. In the Contacts tab, display the group of contacts by selecting the desired tag.

      b. Check the "Select All" box. If the number of contacts exceed 30, make sure all your contacts are


      c. At the top, click on Export. In the dropdown, select Export MailChimp.

      d. A window will appear. Select in the dropdown, your desired list in MailChimp that you want to export your contacts to.

      e. Nimble will send you a confirmation email that your contacts have been imported into MailChimp.

4. Send your email in MailChimp

     a. Send your email campaign in MailChimp like you normally would with your newly imported contacts from Nimble! (Find out how to view your recently added contacts from Nimble in MailChimp)

Common MailChimp Questions:

Where Do I Locate the MailChimp API Key?

In MailChimp, go to Accounts >> Extras >> API Keys

2. Click add a key, or copy a current key. 

3. Copy the API key and paste it in the "MailChimp API key" field in Nimble, and click Enable.

How do I View Recently Added Contacts in MailChimp?

View your recently added contacts by going to your MailChimp list. Click "View All" and segment by "Date Added"

Note: Anyone exporting from Nimble to MailChimp must be an administrator or manager in MailChimp. If they are not, they need to ask their MailChimp Administrator to adjust account privileges. 

Note: As of now, there is no two-way sync with MailChimp and Nimble. Nimble does not record/track MailChimp emails sent to contacts. This is planned for phase 2 of this integration, which we will try to get to as soon as we can. Thank you for your patience!

If you have any questions, please email us at