Creating your Nimble Account

Create a new Nimble CRM account by clicking here and filling in your personal details.

You will be asked to select a URL for your account with the following format -, try and make this as memorable as possible as this is the link which your team will use to access your Nimble account.

Note: Remember that teams can also use the URL as well.

For a brief overview of how to set up and configure a multi-user Nimble CRM account, click

User Set Up

1.   While you can import contacts from Outlook or any other data source, Nimble only synchronises with contacts or calendars in Gmail or Google Apps for Work so, if your company is not using either, you should create a Google account for each user using their company email address ( - as this will allow you to create a Google Calendar which you can synchronise with Nimble (it will also allow you to connect the Nimble account to the users Google+ profile, if desired). You can find out how to create a Google account here.

2.   You should ensure that each user has the following social media accounts set up to ensure that users can match the social media accounts of the contacts which they enter into the Nimble CRM system.

    • LinkedIn
    • Twitter
    • Facebook
    • Google+
    • Foursquare
    • Instagram
    • AngelList

Note: Users private messages on the various social media networks are always private to them by default in Nimble and a message cannot be seen by other team members unless the user choses to share the individual message with them. Also users do not have to import their social media contacts into Nimble if they do not wish to do so.

3.   Whether you use personal or corporate social media accounts to integrate with Nimble depends on your company's social media policy, but we normally link Nimble to the users personal LinkedIn, Google+, Foursquare and AngelList accounts and to the corporate Twitter, Facebook and Instagram ones.

4.   Get each user to download their LinkedIn connections. To do this open LinkedIn and go to Connections >> Keep In Touch, click on the 'Gear' icon in the top right hand corner, Click on Export Linked In Connections and select Microsoft Outlook (.CSV file) as the format to export to.

5.   Invite users to log in and set up their accounts - see here

6.   The user will receive an email from Nimble inviting them to join your Nimble account.

7.   Each user should click on the link in the email and log into Nimble.

8.   As part of the sign in process they will be asked to link their Nimble account with their social media profiles and to import their LinkedIn contacts.

9.   Once the sign up process has been completed, the user should click on Settings in Nimble (by clicking on their name in the top right hand corner of the screen) and set up the following;

    • In Settings >> My Account add a photo and personal details

    • In Settings >> Billing the account Administrator needs to add the credit card details to pay for the account. You will be charged US$15 per month for each user invited. This charge is applied on a pro-rata basis for the remainder of the current billing cycle, and is charged in full at the start of the next billing cycle. Please also add SmartCloud as your Solution Partner so that you are linked as a SmartCloud on the Nimble systems.

    • In Settings >> Notifications select the appropriate notifications, we recommend getting a Daily Summary by email and a Task Notification by pop up window.

    • In Settings >> Networks & Imports you can add any other accounts you wish to integrate with.
    • In Settings >> Contact Keywords you should get each user to add keywords which they think would be relevant to people who are important to them. Nimble will surface their daily top contacts based on the keywords entered here - the keywords should be things like Job Titles and Locations.

    • In Settings >> Email Signature you should set up the users email signature - you can find out more about how to do this here.

10.   Ask each user to install the 
Nimble Smart Contacts App for Google Chrome, for Safari and/or for Firefox depending on the browser(s) you use.

11.   If your company uses Office365, ask each user to install the 
Nimble Smart Contacts App for Outlook and Office 365 - unfortunately the App does not work with Outlook for Mac at this point and non-Office365 users who are using Outlook with Microsoft Exchange or a generic POP3/IMAP account will also be unable to use the Smart Contacts App.

12.   Nimble does not sync directly with contacts or calendars in Office365, but you can use third party apps to sync Office365 with Google and from there they will sync with Nimble - see here.

13.   If you use Outlook on a Mac then read how to Connect the Gmail Calendar with Outlook on a Mac.

14.   Ask the users to download the Nimble mobile app to their smartphone or tablet (iOS or Android only).