1 – Go into your Chromebook “burger” menu, which can be found in the top right hand corner of your screen.

…then into Settings. Click “About Chrome OS”. It should give you an indication here about whether you’re running 32-bit or 64-bit…

2 – Download the appropriate ARChon Runtime zip file from one of the links below.

3 – Once downloaded, open up the Zip file. Do this by going to your File Manager, and double-clicking the ZIP file. It’ll show you a folder called “vladikoff-archon…”. Now right-click (by double-fingering your mouse pad) and choose “Copy”. Now Paste into your “Downloads” folder. You should end up with this..

4 – Download the relevant Skype APK from the below links. This depends on your preference really..

5 – Once downloaded, hop into your File Manager and click “Open” on “SkypeTablet.zip” or “Skype.zip” (whichever one you downloaded). This will open the Zip for use in a moment.

6 – Now hit your hamburger menu button, but go to “More Tools->Extensions”.

7 – Tick “Developer Mode”

8 – Click “Load unpacked extension” and find the folder you unpacked, which should be called “vladikoff-archon…”. Single click it and then click “Open”

9 – As you can see, quite a few red error messages will appear. DO NOT WORRY

10 – Click “Load unpacked extension” again and go into the “Skype.zip” or “SkypeTablet.zip” folder you popped open earlier. You should see a folder inside simply called “Skype”. Single click it and then click “Open”

That’s it! You should be done. Now simply either click Launch or go to your normal launcher and you’ll find it in there. Now you can use Skype on your Chromebook just as you would on an Android tablet or phone.

It’s important to mention that if you untick “Enabled” next to the Skype extension, you WILL have to do these ten steps again as it’ll unload everything, not just Skype. You will also find that Skype will take a long time to boot up the first time and the login process will take quite a while too. Also, if you reboot your Chromebook and you opened the Skype extension via an open zip, you’ll need to perform step 10 again. Either that or extract and copy the contents of the Skype folder so that they survive a reboot.