To capture and store data that is specific to your business, use custom fields in ProsperWorks. Here's how:

Important: Only admins of your ProsperWorks account can create custom fields

1 - Log into ProsperWorks using an Admin account

2 - Click on the ProsperWorks Menu  in the top left corner

3 - Click on System Settings 

4 - Click on Custom Fields under the "Customize ProsperWorks" section in the left panel.

5 - Click on the Add Custom Field button

6 - Next, choose a name for the custom field (field label), the type of custom field, and which item type(s) you want the custom field available for (Leads, Companies, People, Tasks, Opportunities, and/or Projects)

The following custom field types are available in ProsperWorks:

  • Text Field
  • Text Area
  • Dropdown
  • Date
  • Checkbox
  • Number Field
  • URL
  • Percentage
  • Currency

7 - Check the checkbox under "Include in Filters?" if you want to enable filtering by this field.

**Please note the following custom fields types are NOT filterable: text field, text area, and URL.

8 - Click Save

If you have any questions, please email