1. Find the Business invite in your email inbox and click on the link to accept your Dropbox for Business invitation.

  2. You will be asked you if you want to move all of the stuff that’s in your existing Dropbox to your personal Dropbox. Click Move stuff to personal Dropbox if you want to keep your existing folders and files separate from your work Dropbox. Otherwise, you can choose to move your stuff to your work Dropbox instead.

  3. You’ll then go ahead and create your personal and work Dropboxes. If you already have a personal Dropbox at a different email address, you can just sign in. Once your two Dropboxes are created, they’ll be connected so that you can see all of your stuff on all of your devices.

  4. You’ll have a chance to look everything over, and then you’re done!

What happens to my Pro subscription when I upgrade to Dropbox for Business?

Once you upgrade a Dropbox Pro account to a Dropbox for Business account, or transfer from Pro to Business, your Pro subscription will immediately end. Any remaining credit on the Pro subscription will be refunded to the original payment method. Each individual Dropbox account owner can track this information on the account payments page.

If the automatic refund does not go through for any reason (such as an expired credit card), Dropbox notify the account owner by email.