Synchroteam Logo.pngStep 1: Select a Job to open it and see further information

1. Back to Jobs list

2. Additional information for this Job (if any)

3. Duplicate Job (if necessary)

4. Sliding menu :

  • Job Description: contains all necessary information to perform the job.
  • Report: List of items to be completed, including pictures and signatures.
  • Parts & Services: set of parts and services used or added to complete this Job.

Step 2: Job description

1. Planned start and end time.

2. Name of the technician in charge of performing this Job

3. Role: Job Manager, you are job owner and in charge of completing the report. If not you are an Auxiliary Technician, you cannot complete the report.

4. Customer name

5. Go online to view the customer’s job history

6. Address + GPS navigation. Clicking the icon will prompt you to choose the navigation application, and map the job’s location.

7. Contact Phone Number: clicking on it will initiate the call.

8. Job Number

9. Go online to view the Job Report.

1. Job Type

2. Job Report Template

3. Job Description


Pressing the “i” icon on the Job Description page will list all custom fields associated to this customer or job.

Step 3: Starting a Job


Hit Play button to start the job

1. Duration

2. Pause Job

3. End Job


Note: all mandatory fields must be completed to end a job. Mandatory fields are shown in red.

Step 4: Job Reports

4.a. Completing a Job Report

Warning: Job Reports are designed specifically for your company. The following screenshots will be different from what you see on your terminal and should be used as examples only.

1. This item is in red. It must be completed in order to end the job.

NB: Pausing is always permitted

1. & 2. A Job Report may contain a list of different type of items:

  • Compliance
  • Pick List
  • Text
  • Numeric
  • Date
  • Hour
  • Signature

3. An issue status can be associated to any item of the Job report. To learn more about issues. 


Items can be illustrated with a picture.

4.b. Adding Attachments to a Job Report

To add a picture or a barcode reading to a Job Report

1. Click on (+) sign

Select from:

1. Photo album

2. Camera

3. Barcode Reading (uses the camera on your device)

1. Photo has been added

2. Description or barcode result

3. Delete/Add Attachment

4.c. Adding Signatures a Job Report

1. Add customer's signature

2. Add your own signature

1. Add signature

2. Clear signature

End Result.

4.c. Adding Parts & Services a Job Report

Select Parts & Services from the sliding menu

1. Click on Add Item

1. Parts list

2. Search field

1. Slide up & down to select items

2. When finished go back to main listing

1. Modify Item Quantity

2. Add item

3. Delete item

4. Total price (calculated if a price is set)

5. Go back to the previous screen

Step 5: Complete the Job

1. Clicking on the stop button will end and send the Job back to the manager.

You can now start a new Job.

Warning: You will not be allowed to stop the Job if a mandatory field (shown in red) has not been completed

If you have any problems, please contact

Next Step: How to Use Activities