Synchroteam Logo.pngNotice: This function is only available if enabled by your organization

1.  Select (+) sign

1. Customer (mandatory) – select from the customer list if not listed you can create it

2. Site (optional) – select from the site list associated to the customer if not listed you can create it

3. Equipment (optional) – select from the parts list associated to the customer or site if not listed you can create it

4. Address is completed automatically, if not you can create it, or:

5. Initiate a geocoding of your current location to set the Job’s address

6. Additional address information (optional)

7. Job Type (mandatory) – chosen from list

8. Job Report (mandatory) – chosen from list

Create button will validate the Job

1. Job Description (mandatory or not depending on your company settings)

2. Scheduling Date (optional)

3. Start Time (optional)

4. End Time (optional)

5. Appointment: if the customer asks for a specific date and time fill this information in order to help the manager schedule the job accordingly.

6. Appointment Time

7. Add an attachment to the Job (optional)

8. Final validation, click 'Create' and the job is created

If you need any further help, please contact

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