Synchroteam Logo.pngError Message: You can not use multiple devices with a single account


If you get this message, it is that another device has used to the same credentials and has become the owner of your account. You can no longer synchronize.


Please note that the following procedure will wipe all data from your device that have not been correctly synchronized.

If you agree to this please proceed. If you want to get back data that has not been synchronized correctly please contact us before doing anything at


Procedure to reset device rights:

  1. Launch the application on the device with which you want to synchronize
  2. Click the three bar icon in the top left position
  3. Click on ”Logout"
  4. Click on ”Wipe All Data”
  5. Please confirm
  6. Re-enter your password (Domain / User Name / Password) 
  7. Your terminal is now the owner of that account.