Synchroteam Logo.pngOptions let you activate tabs & options such as: Map, Sites, QR Code, Comments, etc.

Click on "Configuration" --> "Options"

1. Click on the 'Gear' icon in the top right-hand corner of your screen

2. Click on 'Options'

Options are divided in 4 groups

Group 1: Turn system function ON or OFF

  • Quotations/Invoices: create and visualize quotations or invoices (default is ON)
  • Map: to visualize Jobs, Technicians, Routes... (default is ON)
  • Multiple Customer Sites: if you are dealing with customers that have Sites or multiple locations please activate this option first (default is OFF)
  • Mandatory job description: To create a job a description must be entered. You can desactivate this function (default is ON)
  • Generate QR Code for customers, Sites and Equipment: if you want to track and to identify automatically equipments please activate this option (default is OFF)
  • Enable comments for job Report items: if you want to allow Field Workers to add free comment on each item of the Job Report please activate (default is OFF)
  • Technician sees Jobs from his team: If a technician is part of a group/team, activating this option will allow him to view is team members Jobs (default is OFF)
  • The customer can create Job Requests through the customer portal: Using the customer portal,a customer will be able to request directly a Job. (default is ON)
  • Add Customer when creating a Job on a not referenced Customer: If a customer doesn't already exist in the database it will be automatically added. (Default is ON)
  • Force default Job Report Template to be used on the mobile: The technician can't change the job report Template (default is ON)
  • Custom Headers and Logo for Reports: To configure a special header and logo for a given job report type (Default is OFF)

Group 2: Turn mobile functions ON or OFF

  • Add Job: if you wish to allow your Field workers to create Jobs for themselves or Jobs requests to the manager
  • Decline Job: if you wish to allow your Field workers to Decline Jobs
  • Reschedule Job: if you wish to allow your Field workers to Decline Jobs
  • Location tracking: if you wish to track your Field workers through their mobile device using GPS capabilities. For legal reasons tracking must also be acknowledged and manually activated on the Mobile Device.
  • Use Native Mapping application: Clicking on a job address will activate any mapping or driving application present on the device. (default ON)

Group 3: Mobile synchronization on action

  • Check the actions when synchronization is trigger on the mobile device to automatically notify the back-office users. You can select actions between Job started, suspended, resume and completed.

Group 4: To automatically send Jobs reports by email

You can automatically send Job reports to different categories of recipient:

  • A specific mail address
  • An email address defined in a Custom Field
  • An email address entered by a Field worker filling his Job report
  • A contact email address entered by the manager during Job's creation

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