Synchroteam Logo.pngJob Reports can be customized according to your needs almost without limitation. You can have different Job Reports for different needs, customers, etc.

Click on "Configuration" from any screen --> "Job Report templates"

1. Click on the 'gear' icon on any page

2. Click on 'Job Report templates'

1. Give it a name. Example: "My Report"

2. Click on "Add"

Managing a Job Report

1. Edit Report Name

2. Duplicate report, very useful if you need to modify a Report that has already been published

3. Delete report, no longer possible when already published

(You may need to retrieve a Job report made with this model in the future)

4. Publish it! When ready you can publish the Job report and start working with it.

Editing a Job Report

1. Edit category label

2. First item description, example "Have you completed this Job?"

3. Expected answer, example "Compliance" which means that possible answers to the First Item will yes or no 

4. Mandatory if checked, means that answering this item is mandatory

5. Private if checked, means that this item won't appear on the public portal or public Job report

6. Conditional : To activate this item if specific answer is given in a previous input.

7. Save this item 

Example: Job Report for a Water Company

If you need any further assistance building customised Job reports, please contact us at