Synchroteam Logo.pngGoal:

Synchroteam’s new ScheduleAssist feature will suggest an optimal job time slot by taking into consideration:

  • Each technician’s set of skilled trades
  • The skilled trade(s) required for the job type
  • Your work schedule
  • Current technician availability
  • Optimise by earliest arrival time, or quickest travel




You can define a set of skilled trades for every technician :

You can also define the default skilled trades required for each job type in Synchroteam

Under Configuration --> My Account, You can define your regular service hours :

Starting Scheduling Assistance (ScheduleAssist):

From the Schedule page, you can click on the wizard button next to a job to start ScheduleAssist.

When you create a new job, by clicking the Save and Schedule button

If you require further assistance, please contact us at