Synchroteam Logo.pngThe Synchroteam Calendar provides an industry standard iCalendar feed that can be subscribed to from any third party calendar system compatible with this format.

Some applications that are compatible with the iCalendar format are:

  • Google Calendar
  • Apple iCal
  • Lotus Notes
  • Yahoo Calendar
  • Mozilla Thunderbird
  • Microsoft Outlook (not
  • iOS Calendar

It's important to note that the Synchroteam Calendar synchronization is one way only. For example, synchronizing with Microsoft Outlook will pull your Synchroteam Job into your Outlook Calendar, but will not pull your Outlook Calendar appointments into Synchroteam.

Calendar Syncing is Not Real Time:

Also note that the specific program will automatically pull information from Synchroteam at a given frequency and Synchroteam has no control over how frequently these updates happen.

Synchronizing with Google Calendar

The most common system to synchronize the Synchroteam Calendar with is Google Calendar. The following steps illustrate how to perform the synchronization, but these steps are the same for most other Calendar systems as well:

Step 1:

Click on Configuration --> Users

1. Click on the 'Gear' icon from any screen

2. Click on 'Users'

Step 2:

Select the technician you want and click on iCal.

Step 3:

Copy the link

Step 4:

Open Google Calendar in your internet browser.

Go to the bottom left corner and click the arrow button to the right of "Other Calendars".

Input the URL that you copied from the Calendar Sync feature within When I Work into the URL field. Then hit Add Calendar.

Sync your schedule to iCal

Step 1:

Open iCal on your Mac. Then go to File and select New Calendar Subscription.

Input the URL copied from the Calendar Sync popup within When I Work into the Calendar URL field. Hit Subscribe.

Choose any settings you prefer and then select OK.

Sync your schedule to Outlook

Check out these links that will help you sync your schedules to Outlook:



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