Google Apps is one of the most famous cloud-based applications, that helps you to connect from anywhere on any device. It is a smart suite consisting of mail, calendar, contacts, docs, sheets, etc. to manage all your business needs. 

Anyone working on Mac can easily synchronize its mail, calendar, contacts, etc. in Google Apps. This facilitates easy migration of email data on Mac system to Google Apps. Using Google Apps will provide a single portal to access all your Mac mails along with the Google services. In addition, it is easy to setup and does not require any additional space.

In order to get your Mac mails on Google Apps, you need an inbuilt utility called Google Email Uploader. This migration utility is widely compatible with Mac OS X 10.7 or above. 

Follow the below mentioned steps to import Apple mail to Google Apps.

1. Backup your mail data by following the below mentioned steps.

       A. Quit Apple Mail.

       B. Choose Home from the Finder's Go menu.

       C. Open the Library folder.

       D. Copy "Mail" folder to any desired location.

2. Enable User Email Upload under the Gmail settings of the Google Apps admin console by following the below mentioned steps.

      A. Navigate to Google Apps > Gmail > User settings.

      B. Go to User email upload

      C. Enable the “Allow users to upload mail using the Email Migration API” option a shown below.

3. Run the Google Email Uploader.

Note: The Google Email Uploader can be downloaded from

4. The interface gives you an option to select the folders you want to migrate.

5. Under the Uploaded Selection tab, enable the following options you will have the following options:

       • Preserve mail properties where possible 

       • Assign mailbox names as Gmail label

       • Assign additional label

6. Enter the Google Apps destination account under the ‘Google Account’ section as shown below.


7. Click Upload to start the migration.

You can pause the migration any time and resume it whenever required. You will be notified once the migration completes.