Nimble's mission is to help you grow faster, which is why Nimble works with you, everywhere you work via the Smart Contacts App. As a result, it’s only natural that they have made it as easy as possible to import Twitter lists to Nimble.

You can either import while viewing a list on Twitter with the Nimble Smart Contacts App, or you can import from your settings from within Nimble. I’ll walk you through both pathways below.

How to Find Relevant Twitter Lists:

If you are attending a conference or searching for a Twitter List around a topic of interest, try out this useful Google Search method –

Paste the following into a Google Search – “ inurl:lists <{search term}>”

You can add anything into the <{search term}> brackets to pull up an indexed Google search result.

Imagine you are the Product Marketing Manager at Nimble, one of your key responsibilities would be to keep tabs on competitors and the marketplace. For the sake of this example, you will be searching for other CRM vendors to help you with your competitive analysis. 

Run the following search through Google inurl:lists <crm>

From this example, you can see the most-clicked lists in this topic is from @jesus_hoyos, so you would visit that Twitter account to check out the CRM-Vendors list. Once you get there you’ll have the ability to import this list from the Twitter website or from within your Nimble account. I’ll walk you through each path below.

From The Web

With the Nimble Smart Contacts App installed, I’ll see a Nimble overlay on the Twitter UI with the option to “Import list to Nimble”. This will instantly import the contacts to Nimble and be tagged with the name of the Twitter list.

From Within Nimble

I can subscribe to this list and it will show up in my Nimble Settings under the Twitter Import option.

For detailed instructions on how to import Twitter lists from within the app, please read this post.

Use Nimble to Unveil Company Insights

Now that I’ve imported competitors from this list, Nimble will search on company domains to provide me with extra information.

Use-Case 2: Combine Twitter + Nimble to Prepare for Conferences 

For my second example, I’m going to walk you through a use-case to share how you can utilize Twitter Lists + Nimble to drive networking opportunities to help you grow your business.

There’s nothing worse than going to a conference without setting up any meetings with other key conference attendees. In the weeks leading up to an important conference, let’s say SocialMedia Examiner’s Social Media Success Summit 2016, I’ll visit their Twitter handle as a starting point.

As you can see, I’m viewing the @SMExaminer handle and there is a “Lists” option under the handle. There are two options here, “Member of” and “Subscribed to” — each of these types of lists tell me a little bit about the handle I’m following.

For example, you can utilize “Member of” to see what kind of people that person is interested in, and you can use “Subscribed to” to see what skills other people think that person has or is influential in. For this example, I am going to import a curated list under “Subscribed to” to add the SMSS Speakers to Nimble.

For the “Member of” category, I can see who in the Twitter community is possibly attending DF, or who is curating an important list of attendees.

From here, I‘ll open up the list and I’ll have two options to add this list to Nimble as discussed earlier in this post.

As you can see above, the contact will be imported with the Twitter List name as their default tag, making it easy to locate the contacts in Nimble.

Set Follow-Up Tasks to Book your Success

Once you have this list of contacts in Nimble, sift the records to see who is important and then mark them with the Star icon.

Use Nimble’s Group Messaging for Outreach at Scale

Once you have a set of contacts you would like to message, use Nimble’s Group Messaging functions for personalized outreach at scale. Learn more.

This is just one of the many workflows that you can implement with the new Twitter List import feature in Nimble. There are countless ways you can leverage Twitter lists to your benefit check out other articles on our Knowledgebase for further workflows that you can use.