The Nimble-HootSuite integration gives you the ability to import contacts in HootSuite to Nimble. Once imported, you can view a snapshot of the contacts' Nimble records in HootSuite - complete with their location, social profiles, contact information and last contacted. 

   1.   Login to HootSuite
   2.   On the left hand side, click on App Directory (represented as a puzzle icon)

   3.   In the App Directory window, click on Featured Apps - you will see Nimble listed.

   4.   Click on Install App.

   5.   Once added, close the App Directory window.Now pick someone in your social streams and hoover your mouse over the avatar.


   6.   A drop down arrow will appear, click on it.

   7.   Click View Nimble Profile.

   8.   For first time users, you will have to authenticate your Nimble account.  Click on Authorize.

  9.  Enter your Nimble account credentials. Then click Continue.

   10.   Click, Allow

   11.   You have successfully connected Nimble to HootSuite.

*Note: At the current moment, the HootSuite integration does not support users who sign into Nimble with Google Apps. If you would like to change your sign in method, please see our support article here: Change Nimble Sign In Method . After changing your sign in method, return to Step 9.