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Start, Build & Sustain Your Business with Guided Learning:

Hello and welcome to the Google Apps Reseller Program. We hope that you find the partner community to be a collaborative and supportive group. 

This learning path is intended to help our applicants become familiar with Google Enterprise as well as the collaborative suite. Following these resources will help you engage in the enrollment process and guide you toward becoming an authorized reseller.

 = Denotes material available for authorized resellers only. Click here to learn more about how to apply!

Lessons Doc Video Site Courses  
Introduction to Google Enterprise & Apps.

    Introduction to Google Enterprise

    Introduction to Google Apps

    Introduction to Security

    Introduction to Privacy

Getting Started with the Reseller Program.

    Introduction to the Google Apps Reseller Program

    The Opportunity Ahead

    Business Models & Best Practices

Selling and Delivering Demos.

    Google Apps: Work in the Future 

    Guide to Selling

    Guide to Delivering Demos

    Strategic Sales & Objection Handling

Deployment and Support.

    Introduction to Deployment

    Deployment Best Practices 

    Support Training

    Preview of Program Resources & Benefits

Becoming a New Authorized Reseller.

    Reseller Program 
    Tools Overview

   Google Apps Product Training

    What is Cloud Computing? 

    The Collaborative Cloud
Mastering Sales Methods and Strategies.

    Getting the Sales Specialist Certification

    Google's Enterprise Sales Process

    Cold Calling Techniques 

    Qualification Techniques

    Discovery Techniques

    Closing Techniques
    Guide to High Impact Demos
    Deal Processing

Acquiring New Clients.

    Overview of Marketing Strategies

    Getting Started with Content Syndication

    Lead Generation Methods and Strategies 
    Using AdWords Effectively for Your Business

Managing Your Clients.

    Getting the Deployment Specialist Certification

    Deployment & Interoperability
    Tools: Clients Sync - GASMO, IMAP/POP

    Tools: Mobile - Sync & Management

    Tools: Google Apps Directory Sync
   Tools: Google Apps Migration for MS Exchange 
   Guide to Change Management

    Guide to Support

    Support Best Practices

   Security & Privacy

    Google Innovation

Growing Your Business to Premier.

    Application Management & Consulting

    Vendor Management: Working with ISVs

    Overview of Customization & Development 
    Customization & Development Examples
    Enterprise Value Management