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Your customers are probably already talking about you on Twitter. When customers are not directly talking to you, but instead talk about your products and services on social media, it is important for you to proactively support them right there. Taking your support social can turn your help desk from playing a reactive fire fighting role into a proactive one. 

You can add as many Twitter accounts to your Freshdesk account as your business needs and start taking your support social. 

Quick guide to Supporting Customers on Twitter

  • Go to Admin and select Twitter Settings

  • Click on the Add Twitter Account button

  • Enter your Twitter credentials and Allow Access to Freshdesk

  • Save changes.

Note that your account will be authenticated by Twitter, and Freshdesk will not be storing your credentials. You can edit or delete your Twitter and Facebook setup by hovering over the corresponding Twitter account or Facebook page. 

Bonus Tips for Twitter:
Convert mentions and DMs as tickets automatically
When you add or edit a Twitter account in Freshdesk, you can choose whether you want the @mentions and DMs to this account to be automatically converted into tickets. You can even choose the amount of time within which replies to direct messages are added to the same conversation thread in a ticket.

Monitor keywords and activity related to your business

Whether you choose to convert a social conversation into a ticket or not, all the tweets you are monitoring are visible under the "Solutions" tab in your Freshdesk account. You can convert any social conversation into a ticket by hovering over it and clicking on "Convert to Ticket". You can then assign this ticket to any agent, set ticket fields and manage your workflow just like any other ticket in your help desk. 

You can search for any number of keywords that you think are important here.Try plugging in a couple of keywords related to your business in your Twitter settings page. Add some of your popular competitors to keep an eye on their action too. Remember to add your Twitter handle and business name as well for people who don’t directly @mention you but talk about you (or better still - hashtag you).