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Your Facebook brand page is your open community where you get to engage with your customers and prospects, resolve their queries and show them that you care, in public. 

You can add unlimited Facebook brand pages to your Freshdesk account, and manage these social conversations right from your help desk. You can even take your support conversations under the radar, by Private Messaging customers right from Freshdesk. 

Quick guide to Supporting customers through your Facebook Pages

  • Go to Admin and select Facebook Settings

  • Click on the Add Facebook Page button

  • Enter your Facebook credentials and Allow Access to Freshdesk

  • Save changes

Note that your account will be authenticated by Facebook, and Freshdesk will not be storing your credentials. You can edit or delete your Twitter and Facebook setup by hovering over the corresponding Twitter account or Facebook page.

Bonus Tips for Facebook pages:
Convert posts from visitor, and yourself into tickets
You can choose to automatically convert posts created by visitors on your brand page into tickets. However, unless you want your own replies and posts to appear as tickets in your help desk, uncheck the option to “Import Company Posts as Tickets”.

Converting “private” direct messages into tickets
Facebook allows your customers to contact you and share private or confidential information through direct messages. Check the corresponding box if you would like to convert direct messages into tickets in Freshdesk.