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There are times when you see the following message under Admin in your freshdesk portal.

 "Your Facebook channel is inaccessible. It looks like username,password or permission has been changed recently. Kindly fix it".

So why does this happen?

This could happen for two reasons.

1. Facebook has something called access tokens. These tokens are used to collect Facebook feeds that require user authorization. These access tokens expire in 60 days.  When these access tokens expire, you will see the "Reauthorization Required" message in Admin->Facebook. To ensure that your Facebook feeds appear properly in Freshdesk, you will need to reauthorize your page.

2. If you have multiple admins for your Facebook Page and one of them changes his/her Facebook access password, you will need to reauthorize the page in Freshdesk.

To reauthorize your Facebook Page, go to Admin->Facebook and click on the 'Reauthorize" button.