Applicable plans: Sprout Blossom Garden Estate

You can add and edit both Full-time and Occasional help desk agents to start supporting your customers by clicking on the Agents icon under the Admin tab.

When you add a new agent, remember to specify the the level of visibility they will be having in your help desk using the Preferences radio box. At the maximum restriction, you can choose to only allow agents to view tickets that have been assigned to them, or at the minimum, give them complete access to your help desk including the setup and configurations under the Admin tab.

Quick guide to adding agents to Freshdesk:

  • Click on the New Agent button on the Agent page

  • Type in the necessary information about the agent
    You will have to type the name and email address for each support agent
    You can optionally add a profile picture and describe the agent's role in your organization

  • If you have enabled the gamification settings in Freshdesk Arcade, you can let your experienced agents start with more points.

  • Set the visibility level by choosing the desired kind of Permission 

  • Specify if you want the agent to be full-time or occasional.

  • Click on Save

You will be charged every month only for the total number of full-time agent seats you have. You can allow occasional agents to login to your help desk one-day at a time, by buying them day passes. Learn more about day passes here.

During your Trial, you can directly add as many support agents as you need. After the trial, you will first have to purchase additional agent seats to add more full-time agents. Note that only the agent who “created” the Freshdesk account will have access to account settings and be able to change plans or buy more agent seats.