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You probably want your customers and support agents to access your support portal in your own vanity URL. You can point your support URL at to your own domain, like  Just make sure you have created a CNAME record in your DNS zone file to point your vanity URL to your Freshdesk domain.

Quick guide to setting up Freshdesk on your own URL

Step 1: Creating a CNAME record in your DNS Zone File

  • Login to your Domain Control Panel

  • Go to the section which says DNS or Name Servers.

  • Create a new DNS record and point your custom support URL to You may need to fill in these details:
    Alias Name: Enter the subdomain name for your alias. For example, if you want to use a vanity support URL like, enter "support" as your alias name
    Point to Host Name: Type @ to directly map the alias to your domain

    TTL: Enter a Time To Live between 30 minutes to 1 hour, or leave this field in its default settings

  • Save changes to your DNS records.

Note that these instructions may vary a bit based on your domain registrar. If you are unable to find a way to add the DNS record, get help from your webmaster or your server administrator.

Step 2: Setting up your Helpdesk URL in Freshdesk

  • After creating the CNAME record, login to your Freshdesk portal

  • Go to Admin-->Helpdesk Rebranding

    Learn more about Rebranding your Freshdesk Account here

  • Under Helpdesk URL type your vanity support URL (

  • Click Save to save the new settings

Once done, you can verify your changes by entering your support URL in this page and looking up your CNAME records.