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By default, every ticket in Freshdesk is in one of 4 statuses: Open, Pending, Resolved or Closed.

Open Tickets are all the tickets that immediately need the attention of your support agents. When a new ticket is created its status is always Open at first. And when a customer replies to any ticket, its status always moves back to open. 

When agents are reasonably sure that they have provided the customer with a solution to their problem, they can move the ticket's status to Resolved. The customer can then confirm the resolution and Close the ticket. 

Sometimes, the agent might need additional information or might need some time to reproduce an issue and confirm the solution. In these times, they can set the status of the ticket as "Pending". 

Understanding Custom Ticket Statuses 

Often, you might want to bring in your specific help desk workflows into your ticket statuses. For example, a ticket might need specific inputs from your third party vendors. You might want to create a field called “Waiting for Customer Response”. You can create these additional ticket statuses by clicking on the “Ticket Status” field. 

With custom statuses, you can even decide what should be displayed to the customers when they log in to the support portal to check the ticket status and what is seen by your agents. That means you can show the ticket status as “Waiting on Customer” for your agents, but when your customers login to your support portal, they can see the status as “Waiting for Your Response”.

Of course, you would not want to keep your timers running and risk an SLA violation when you are waiting for the customer to give you additional information to move forward with a ticket. You can choose to “freeze” the SLA timers based on each ticket field by turning the corresponding timer “Off”. All tickets with the SLA timer turned off will be visible right from the Dashboard view in your help desk under “On Hold”.