Applicable plans: Sprout Blossom Garden Estate

Satisfaction Surveys in Freshdesk let you directly measure your help desk efficiency and customer satisfaction with every support ticket. The survey is embedded as a link in the response email your agents send to customers.


Creating your survey

  • Enable the Customer Satisfaction Survey by clicking to Admin-->Satisfaction Survey and then turning the survey "On" in the Survey Settings page.
  • Specify the Survey Link Text. This is the line in your emails that invites customers to vote their satisfaction. For example, you could ask your customers “Please share your opinion on your recent support experience.”
  • Choose when you want to send out the survey. You can choose to send it with when a ticket is resolved, with every email you send, or even give your agents the option to choose which responses they want to add the survey link to.

Sending out the survey

After the survey is setup and saved, the survey link text and feedback options are embedded in the customer email. Customers just need to click on the survey options to poll their feedback.

Customers can also add additional details about their recent support experience in the subsequent "thank you" page.