At SmartCloud  we are constantly evaluating different business applications to see which would be the most useful for our customers. In order to make sure that we don't do experiments with real user data we use a free script made available by allows us to generate dummy data on any set of parameters e.g. we can generate data for individuals with First Name, Last Name, Company Name, Address, City, Country, Email Address and Phone Numbers fairly quickly.
It is quite interesting how the script generates phone numbers. You simply define the format for the numbers and the information is generated for you in the requested format. So, for example, we can define the Irish phone number format as shown below and generate random dummy numbers;
  • 353 (Country Code)
  • xx (County Code)
  • xxx xxxx (Phone Number) 
Once the contact list is generated it can be uploaded to a CRM or other application for rigorous testing so that our customers get a bug free solution.
These lists don't have any real email addresses and there is no possibility of any data leak etc.

You can generate up to 100 rows of data for free or for a small donation of US$20 you can open an account with and create up to 5,000 rows of data at one time.